About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a Registered Piano Technician offering piano tuning, repair and rebuilding services in Ann Arbor and surrounding Washtenaw County. I began working as a piano technician in 1976, joined the Piano Technicians Guild in 1979, and have been self-employed since 1985. My clientele includes individual pianists, piano teachers, and musicians as well as school, church, and college customers.

In addition to in-home piano service, I operate a rebuilding workshop at my residence. This facility enables me to provide a broad range of service from minor repairs to complete piano rebuilding. I do all the belly and action work myself. Case refinishing I refer or subcontract to refinishing specialists based on the wishes of the piano owner.

I strive to provide high-quality, conscientious service to each customer. Through attentive discussion with the customer, my goal is to offer a collaborative approach to determining the service appropriate to each piano.

I approach rebuilding work with this same attitude. Choices in rebuilding procedures are considered in the context of the piano’s condition and quality with the objective of balancing a musically satisfying result with acceptable, reasonable cost. Beyond the obvious major components of this kind of work, my habit is to also attend to the less apparent small tasks that produce a more pleasing and distinguished result.

If you are visiting the site to check out a rebuilt piano, welcome! You can expect to find the perspective described above reflected in the work I do on a rebuilt piano offered for sale.